Klassified Material The MixTape Chapter 1 sponsor

Klassified Material The MixTape Chapter 1 by Mr.Tac a.k.a. "Chocolate", this new E.P. re-releas...

released Oct 31, 2011

Klassified Material The MixTape Chapter 1 by Mr.Tac a.k.a. "Chocolate", this new E.P. re-release includes 9 new recordings with features by Nova, J.Wes & Yung Manny. Production by CBW Productionz & David Jensen. E.P. includes the hot tracks "Your Love Is Gone" "Da Good Die Young" & "Hand Clap".

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Oct 31, 2011

Recording Description

All Songs Written & Performed by Mr.Tac a.k.a. "Chocolate"

Album Production by CBW Productionz & David Jensen

Recorded @ Zone Platinum Studios
(Long Island, N.Y.) >

1. Your Love Is Gone

Beat Plays...

Verse 1- "Uh" I could tell how u speak to me,
it's kind of secretly that's what it means to me,
now your releasing me and it feels so strange,
my body my soul my hearts in pain,
no shame but I'm stuck in my ways,
i thought that we would last forever but i guess it's a faze,
as i watch you lay- reminiscing all our nights and our beautiful days,
now i gotta react to get you back in my arms,
got me weak in my knees and i can feel it in my palms,
i know that heaven is far but baby girl you a star,
wanna give you my all but if i can give you more,
so sweet so pure your my summer in the fall,
warm heart it and you give me goose bumps i adore,
we could soar over sea's on the plane me amore,
let me whisper in your ear say you love me tell me more,
now it all started out when i first laid eye's,
second time i was blind by your beauty and your thighs,
no lie when i spoke i was scared you was fly,
but i tried know your mine and i can't tell you bye,
took you out as we walked through the park in the dark,
your touch caused me a blood rush made me blush,
now I'm stuck cause you wanna leave me in the dust,
but i gotta understand why you wanna leave your man,
and i thought we had a chance we could chill slow dance,
take my hand all i want is happiness and romance,
you advance and wanna let you know I'm a fan,
but it's hard to let you go girl you gotta understand,
so what happen to the plan and our life together,
wanna hold you close my wife forever,
through the sun and the rain all type of weather,
your the one i need girl you make me better (Drop-Zone)

Music Plays...

2. Now A Dayz feat. Yung Manny

3. Hand Clap

4. Da Good Die Young

5. If Ya From Da Hood feat. Nova

6. Dam Thang

7. Can't Get U Off My Mind (Remix) feat. J.Wes

8. Versability

9. Moto feat. Bloody StealzBillz & Sik


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